Choosing The Right Rack Or Shelving For The Business

Posted By Forrest Scherer on Dec 1, 2016 |

There are many racking options available that provide effective storage solutions. The various types of shelving options may be chosen to suit various types of storage requirements. The various factors which may be considered in this regard include:

Weight and size of items

While selecting a racking option, it is advisable to consider the weight and size of the items to be stored. This is important considering the fact some items may be light while others may be heavy. The weight of the storage items is hence an important consideration while choosing shelving solutions.

Available space

While choosing racking solutions for a business, it is essential to ascertain the amount of vertical and horizontal floor space available. It is important to consider the vertical space along with the horizontal space as it can be used for storing various items. The vertical space may effectively be utilized by using mezzanines, pallet frames and high rise pallets through pallet racking services by Multiple Racking Solutions. The vertical space may effectively be utilized for up to 4 levels with the help of equipment like stacker, ceiling clearance, forklift,  lift truck and shelving units in Melbourne.

Once the weight and size of items to be stored and the available horizontal and vertical space has been determined, it is essential to choose a suitable racking according to requirements. There are several kinds of racking available. The various available varieties of racks include push back, drive through, drive in, mobile and stationery.  For storing commercial and industrial products, racks of a higher holding capacity may be required. It is for this reason that sturdy bolted racks are widely used for storing various types of commercial and industrial product.  Few of the most commonly used racking solutions include:

Boltless racking

In this type of racking, clips are used instead of bolts. The clips used increase the adjustability of the racks. Rivet racking is a popular form of boltless racking. It provides unobstructed access, configuration choices, ease of assembly and various other advantages.

Pallet racking

This type of racking is extremely versatile as it can effectively accommodate items of different sizes. They can also accommodate items of different lengths and weights. The choice of decking is also an important consideration. The different types of materials used for shelving include wire, corrugated steel, steel and wood. Wire shelving offers fire protection as it allows water to pass easily.


This type of racking provides a good storage solution for storing bulky and long items like piping, textiles, tubing, lumber, furniture, carpet rolls and various other factors. This type of racking is available in structural steel designs and in the roll formed. This type of racking provides a practical and convenient storage solution for storing various types of items.

The different types of available racking solutions can be used for a number of purposes, along with the racking, you’ll want to look at LED highbay lights in Melbourne by Energy Upgraders. This is a company you can trust for all your warehouse lighting needs, in fact they even supply commercial solar panels in Melbourne. They can be chosen according to the storage need, the weight of items to be stored and available space. The different racking solutions are used by many businesses for storing various types of commercial and industrial products.